Web Development

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Sample Websites

The slide show above shows a few of the sites I've built, for a variety of small businesses and organizations. Click on any of the images to take a look at the live site.

About Me

Patrick Stallard

Hello! My name is Patrick Stallard, and I've been a web developer for over 26 years.

I spent the first several years of my career working for companies such as CommerceNet and Terra Lycos. More recently I've been working as an independent contractor. I've developed many complete websites, and also worked on everything from developing Flash applications to building CGI scripts, as well as general updates and fixes to websites for a variety of companies and organizations.

I'm proficient in HTML, PHP, CSS, DOM Scripting, JavaScript, Ajax, MySQL, Flash, Perl, CGI, Website Design, Graphics Development, Dreamweaver, XML, and more. See my resume for more details.

Please contact me if you're interested in talking to me about your web development needs!

Free Mockup!

If you're in the market for a new website, please contact me. After our initial consultation I'll send you a detailed estimate, along with a custom-made mockup of what your new site's home page could look, free of charge, for you to look over.

Web Hosting

Professional, reliable web hosting available through BlueWho, a multi-domain hosting company. My standard web hosting package includes 100MB of storage space (more storage available if needed), up to 15 email addresses, support for CGI (including custom-built scripts), PHP, MySQL and a wide variety of database systems, shopping carts, chatrooms, etc. Complete access logs, and detailed statistics and reporting are also supported. For most new sites I offer hosting for $5/month, and free hosting for the first six months.